How to Decorate your Wedding Ceremony – Economical Ideas for the Frugal Couples

The wedding ceremony is the time when the bride and groom officially tie the knot. Whether in a chapel, church, beachfront or in a garden, the wedding ceremony is even made special if shared with family and friends. Traditional wedding ceremonies used to have simple decorations and lately there was a change, where they used arched in the entrance and then taller stands of flowers beside the pews. Whatever wedding theme you have, the backdrop and decorations in a ceremony can make a lasting impression. The decorations for your ceremony don’t have to cost a fortune as well as the wedding venues in San Diego, you can find DIY and economical ideas. Now here’s how to decorate your wedding ceremony in five simple and economical ideas without hurting your pocket.

Prepare Decorations

If you plan to get married in a church or chapel, inquire what decorations they have available especially for weddings. For weddings during Christmas, most churches are adorned with greenery, lights and flowers. Thus, you do not have to embellish the place even more. Maybe just a little flower that accentuates your wedding theme will do.

Only the Altar

This works for indoor or outdoor wedding ceremonies. For churches with wide and large windows or for beachfront wedding venues, reserve your decorations for the altar alone. There are venues that do not have to be embellished with too much flowers, candles, gazebos here and there or more. A simple arrangement at the altar is enough.

Natural Decorations

Outdoor weddings don’t call for more decorations because the nature has done it for you. Wedding ceremonies in a garden or farm is gifted with tall trees and fresh blooming flowers.

Plants on Pots

Maybe you have potted plants at home or your partner’s mother care for some. Instead of ordering flowers for pews, get the potted plants aligned or hanged. Take it for example the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate, where they made use of big potted trees in the aisle of Westminster Abbey.

The Hanging Lights

Get your Christmas lights flickering for your wedding ceremony if you plan to have it in the afternoon or in the evening. If you have an archway for the altar, place your lights on it and it will be perfect. Try hanging the flickering lights above the seating area, hang in some on the trees. Use luminaries, torches and lanterns if Christmas lights do not fit your style. There is a caution in using Christmas lights or hanging lights. Make sure it matches your wedding theme.

The most important consideration of all on how to decorate your wedding ceremony is using your theme as your guide. Through your wedding theme, you can broaden your ideas for decorations. Remember that less is more. Few elements can make a big impact on the entire impression of the wedding ceremony. Check this out http://www.weddingvenuesinhoustontx.net/.